New City, New Company, New Challenges


Kaleidoscope Management Group is pleased to welcome the newest member of our team, Sarah Bumgardner, as a project manager. Sarah recently moved to St. Louis from Lexington, Kentucky, where she worked in multiple industries including energy, manufacturing and nonprofit management. She brings expertise in marketing communications, website management, event planning and project management, among other skills.

Thinking Beyond Traditional Measurement

If you’re a marketer like myself, you don’t enter this field because of your math chops. Many of us communicators are “word people,” yet one of the most important parts of our jobs is reporting and analyzing data -- numbers, gasp! While it may feel more natural for us to stick to right-brain territory, there’s something gratifying about a data-driven approach. I say “gratifying” because how good does it feel to know if what you are doing is working? And what helps define what’s “working”? For our industry, it’s often those data-filled insights.

Dolly Parton, Lying on the Floor and Learning to Do It on Purpose

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I was recently invited to serve on a panel discussion exploring creativity where a college student in the audience asked: “What does creativity mean to you? How do you generate new ideas?” I jokingly responded that sometimes creativity is lying on your floor for an hour agonizing over making the first move on a new project. I said this not so much to share an embarrassing moment in my process as to hopefully illustrate that being creative outside the framework of school can be hard and that there’s not always a clear path.

Be-Leafing in the Value of Team Building

I don't think anyone would question the importance of a high-functioning team to a company's success. One way to strengthen teams is through team bonding activities. Forbes reports that some of the proven benefits of team bonding include building trust, reducing in-office conflict, encouraging communication and increasing collaboration. In other words, a well bonded team makes for an engaged, productive team.

A Healthy Perspective

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At Kaleidoscope Management Group, we believe that having strong women in positions of leadership is good business. Research is on our side: A recent report from Credit Suisse’s Research Institute shows that businesses where women make up the majority of top management recorded superior sales growth and high returns on investment. There is countless other research to support this thesis.

In reflecting on these trends, we can’t help but wonder: Why does gender diversity at the top help a company’s bottom line? How a diverse management team leads to better business outcomes is certainly subjective. However, we believe there are a number of reasons why strong female leadership in business leads to improved business performance:

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Luxury Hospitality

“A hotel is like a story. It’s not a hotel + a restaurant + a fitness center. Each amenity is a chapter and chapter by chapter, the story fits together seamlessly as one thing, one concept.”
Sam Gelin | Founder, MADE Hotel

Kaleidoscope Management Group recently attended the International Luxury Hospitality Association‘s 2017 Inspire Summit in Miami. We were all excited to spend a few days immersed in learning & networking among professionals from all over the country who live and breathe hospitality. The escape to 75-degree December weather, a little beachside R&R, and Miami’s vibrant art scene didn’t hurt, either.

#DigitalDetox & Why Technology is Like Chocolate

Me? Take time away from my cell phone? Nonsense! We manage social media for a living. Our people need us!

This had been my mentality for years. Until recently something shifted. This tech addict went on a quest to see if I could increase my productivity, focus, and overall well-being – and in turn our company’s – by doing the impossible: taking a scheduled break from technology.

Talk with the Top: St. Louis

Kaleidoscope’s CEO, Cabanne Howard, recently sat down with Michael Greenberg of Business Radio X St. Louis for their “Talk with the Top” segment, a series dedicated to sharing positive business stories about the St. Louis business and entrepreneurship community. She dropped some knowledge on the entrepreneur life, customized digital marketing strategies, and the future of social media.