“When Values Align: A World of Possibility”


When Cassidy Blenke first read Kaleidoscope Management Group’s mission statement — to help cultivate high-performing and happy companies — she was captivated.

When she met Cabanne Howard, KMG’s CEO, she knew she had found the place where she wanted to write the next chapter of her career.

“As soon as you meet Cabanne, you know the company’s mission statement isn’t just words on a page,” Cassidy said. “It’s what motivates this company every day. I really felt like there was a world of possibility here with my personal mantra of high performance and a positive outlook aligning with what the KMG team stands for. It’s not just a brand. It’s a way of life.”

As Director of Client Success at KMG, Cassidy brings in-depth experience in strategic account growth and management services to national healthcare and international Fortune 500 clients.

She has expertise in change management, digital marketing, content marketing, reporting and analytics, and project management. 

“Cassidy provides a wealth of knowledge to our team and, by extension, our clients,” Cabanne Howard said. “Her ability to understand clients’ needs and desire to go above and beyond expectations is a perfect fit to our culture at KMG.”

Cassidy is thankful for the opportunities that her career has brought her, and this focus on gratitude is part of what attracted her to KMG. An “attitude of gratitude” is a key part of the KMG culture, where we focus every day on the work we “get” to do and are thankful for our clients who entrust us with fulfilling their visions for their organizations.

“Cabanne and her perspective on the value of gratitude really rang true to me,” Cassidy said. “I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for in life, and that’s part of the value proposition at KMG.”

A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cassidy spent six years working in Chicago after graduating from Michigan State University before a career move by her husband brought them to St. Louis in 2016.

At KMG, she is looking forward to growing relationships with existing clients and further expanding the firm’s portfolio.

“I love working with clients directly and assisting them in finding solutions and just helping them in general because I genuinely care about people and want to see them succeed,” Cassidy said.