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Technology is at the heart of everything we do. We thoughtfully elevate our clients’ voices across all digital platforms.

  • Develop editorial content for social media and monitor social media channels in real time.

  • Advise and execute on paid marketing strategies to enhance and grow your online digital audience as well as the quality of your followings.

Hospitality: Social Media Content Management

Project Description: Bridal Campaign: “Make The Chase Your Own” 

We produced a social and print campaign for The Chase in 2016. Our team solicited professional photography from more than 20 brides who were married at The Chase and offered a quote on why The Chase played an important role in their special day.

Results: The campaign ran for one month and resulted in 137,000 social media impressions, 428 clicks to the website and a marked increase in RFPs from prospective brides.

chase wedding.jpg

Real Estate: Social Media Content Management

KMG’s content is closely aligned with the client’s business goals (tenant retention, attracting a certain number of new tenants, residents and customers) and is integrated with the client’s brand across all other channels (web, print, out of home).

Since August 2017 when KMG was retained, we have achieved significant gains on The Boulevard’s social media platforms. 

blvd social.jpg

These social media results were fueled, in large part, by the integrated approach KMG adopted, including a redesign of the leasing brochure, the website, rebranding of the residences and producing breakthrough videos for use in RFPs by the developer.

Hospitality: Social Media Sales Campaign

Project Description: Book Now” 
We ran several “Book Now” campaigns on The Chase’s digital platforms, targeting key audiences that the property was seeking to reach.

The client requested a major marketing push for Fall / holiday bookings. Our team used traditional and non-traditional channels to raise awareness around the property’s unique holiday room & event offerings.  

chase pool.jpg

Results: The client saw a marked increase in bookings as a direct result of KMG’s efforts on this campaign. According to the 2016 STAR report, Thanksgiving week bookings increased year-over-year by 46%, while during this same week the comp set went down 10%.

Furthermore, the campaign resulted in 365 clicks to the reservations page of the website and reached 15,000 unique accounts

Real Estate: Video Series for Social Media 

Project Description: Boulevard TV

  • KMG created a series of videos, BLVD TV, to highlight lifestyle events and the center’s retail tenants.

  • KMG produced 13 videos to launch the series on YouTube and cross-promoted each of these videos on Facebook and Instagram to increase target reach and engagement. BLVD TV segments were also boosted on Facebook.

Results : By utilizing this multi-platform video launch, the BLVD TV project garnered 1,550+ views total.


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