Hospitality Client: Leveraging Influencers On Social Media 


Influencer Engagement

  • Secured 50+ influencer visits to the property in one year, resulting in an estimated 1.1 mm impressions.

  • 14 of these influences stayed overnight and, based on the experience we curated for them, did follow up coverage on their blogs and social media channels.

  • Hosted 3 on-property influencer events which generated an estimated reach of more than 300,000; The Chase was trending on Twitter by the end of the two events.


  • Frequent “Book Now” campaigns on room promotions for Fall & Holiday specials generated an average of 365 additional link clicks to the reservations page.

  • A “My Chase Wedding” Bridal Campaign resulted in 428 conversions to The Chase website bridal page in one month to drive lead generation & generated over 137,000 overall impressions. This was achieved with extremely nominal ad spend.

  • The STAR report showed year-over-year increase in booking by 46% while during the same period, the competitor set went down 10%.

  • Since KMG took over the client’s Facebook account, the post reach has increased by 900%. Additionally, on this platform we were able to achieve a 14 percent increase in followers.

  • In just one year, we saw an increase of 107% for followers on this platform.

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