What Do A Living Red Carpet, Project Management and Gumbo Have In Common?

Emily Gyan adds a dash of theater and a bit of red-carpet glamour to our Kaleidoscope Management Group (KMG) team, where she serves as a Project Manager.

A native of New Orleans and a graduate of Loyola University with a degree in Theatre Arts, Emily previously was a Victory Belle ambassador at the National World War II Museum, performing both at the New Orleans museum and around the world as part of musical group that saluted active duty military and veterans with patriotic and 1940s music. Her husband’s work as a film producer brought the couple to St. Louis last year, as he completed work on a film set in the Midwest.

It was while performing as a greeter at a local event, and dressed as a “living red carpet,” that Emily connected with KMG CEO Cabanne Howard last summer.

“Cabanne and I were introduced by a mutual friend while I was greeting guests of the event as a living red carpet. A pretty unconventional, yet fun, way to meet your potential future employer,” Emily said. “When I found out more about KMG, I was really attracted to the scope of the company’s work and their emphasis on quality client relationships. I reached out to Cabanne, and the rest is history.”

Emily brought to KMG her enthusiasm for communications, project management and the arts. Currently, she works on-site for a Fortune 100 client, providing project management on the company’s community relations team. She says her range of experience, both as a performer and as a communicator, enhances her ability to interact with clients in a variety of industries.

“There are many traits I’ve learned as a performer that I apply to my daily work for KMG,” Emily said. “I am able to approach issues with a critical yet creative eye, bringing a different perspective to problem solving. My study of character building has strengthened my ability to understand how temperament drives people’s responses and allows me to better interact with clients of all scope and size. My training in dance, specifically, has helped cultivate my attention to detail and precision.”

A true southerner, Emily compares her wide range of professional experience to the flavor profile in a gumbo. “There are so many different ingredients in a gumbo,” she said. “You may get a bite that has all of them, or you may get a bite that only features a few, but they are all there in the pot — adding to the flavor of the overall dish.

“Emily is a one-of-a-kind, unique contributor to the KMG team,” said Cabanne. “I am thrilled to have her as a member of our team and have loved seeing her grow both professionally and personally during her time at KMG and know that the sky is the limit for her career.”

We are so grateful to have Emily as part of our recipe for success at Kaleidoscope.