Philanthropic Client: Creating A Custom
Blend Of Whisky 4 Good 

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Building a Brand: KMG crafted a compelling story to lead the successful philanthropic project appropriately naming the fundraising event “Hatch the Batch”. KMG created marketing messaging highlighting the unique fundraiser as:

  • the first Private Select blend made entirely by women

  • the first made by a distributor

  • the first whose proceeds went 100% to charity

KMG worked with Tom Huck, a visual artist and printmaker, to create a graphic emblem for the brand. Drawing inspiration from this piece, KMG created a logo and a variety of promotional materials.


Multimedia Approach: In addition to articulating a compelling story, KMG promoted the event with an integrated, multi-channel approach. The team designed a Women Who Whisky website as a resource for donors and news networks, an email invitation to the Hatch the Batch event, and a press release and media kit which garnered more than six stories on regional news networks. KMG developed content to share on the Major Brands social media channels, including producing a video using footage from the trip to make the whisky at Maker’s Mark.


With the support of KMG’s comprehensive approach and collaboration with the participating partners, the fundraising event attracted 20 corporate and individual sponsors and sold over 162 bottles of the Whisky 4 Good blend.  More importantly, The Women Who Whisky effort raised $250,000+ to benefit the four nonprofit organizations.

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