Retail Client: Growing A Lifestyle Brand


An Integrated Approach: To support The Boulevard’s goals of retaining current tenants and attracting new tenants, clients and shoppers, KMG prioritized growing social media followings and engaging key target audiences with a comprehensive digital strategy. As a way to extend The Boulevard’s reach, the KMG team created compelling content, redesigned the leasing brochure, updated the website, rebranded the residences and produced breakthrough videos for use in RFPs by the developer. KMG’s relentless focus on integrating their work with the overall brand across all channels (web, print, out of home) produced measurable outcomes for The Boulevard’s entire marketing mix.


Since KMG started working with The Boulevard, their holistic approach to marketing has significantly improved social media activity:

  • 5,500% increase in Instagram followers (unpaid, organic)

  • 450% increase in Facebook engagement rate (rates of individuals commenting, liking, sharing or clicking a post)

  • 200% increase in profile visits on Twitter

As a result of the successful integrated marketing efforts and social media gains, The Boulevard is extending their work with KMG to support recruiting major national retailers for their Phase II expansion.


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