On-Site Contractors

Some companies need hands-on, in-house talent and need it quick. Whether a maternity leave, new project or other time-sensitive talent need, we provide companies with expert, vetted communications talent that can be stationed in-house.

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When to Engage a KMG Contractor

Do you need to engage a highly-skilled communications professional? Our consultants are ready to start providing the support you need without the commitment and costs associated with a full-time employee.

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Time-Sensitive Staffing

Do you need to fill a vacancy quickly? A KMG consultant can start right away, giving the coverage you need from a vetted professional until you are able to make a full-time hire. Our consultants stay on-site to help onboard your new employee and ensure a seamless transition.

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Extended Leave

Do you have a staff member preparing for paternal leave, medical leave or other extended period of time away from the job? We can provide a specialized consultant to fill key project roles and ensure seamless coverage while your full-time employee is away.

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Special Projects

Do you need additional staff for a special project? Get the additional lift you need from a KMG consultant to see your project to completion. Additionally, we provide reliable, ongoing support for annual reports, strategic planning or other recurring business needs.

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