The Importance of Digital Marketing in Luxury Hospitality

“A hotel is like a story. It’s not a hotel + a restaurant + a fitness center. Each amenity is a chapter and chapter by chapter, the story fits together seamlessly as one thing, one concept.” 
Sam Gelin | Founder, MADE Hotel

Kaleidoscope Management Group recently attended the International Luxury Hospitality Association‘s 2017 Inspire Summit in Miami. We were all excited to spend a few days immersed in learning & networking among professionals from all over the country who live and breathe hospitality. The escape to 75-degree December weather, a little beachside R&R, and Miami’s vibrant art scene didn’t hurt, either.

I left feeling inspired by the many takeaways and testimonials supporting the importance of storytelling and digital marketing. Translation: Kaleidoscope is in the right business!

Here are a few key ideas that particularly resonated:

  • Hoteliers shouldn’t think of “digital” as social posts. Social media is only part of an integrated digital marketing campaign. Social media, PR, marketing, and sales all work together and point back to the same goal.
  • Instagram should not be an afterthought. Instagram is an important branding mechanism. You need someone articulate, educated, and passionate to be the voice behind your platforms.
  • Know your look. Make sure your feed represents your brand in the right way and tells customers what you want them to know about you.
  • Tell real stories. Content needs to be authentic and have personality. When communicating to your audience, personalization is key.
  • Paid social media and digital advertising are effective and incredibly viable in driving lead or brand awareness KPIs and will overcome traditional marketing.

So I came away with not only some much-needed Vitamin D, confidence that we are in the right space, and uestions ha I want to ontinue sk myself – and our clients – regularl: hat ul engage you, inspire you, and make you remember?

Lastly, the icing on the cake was meen Matthew Es, who owns one of the preeminent PR firms in the country (lients include Travel & Leisure, Preferred Hotels, Neiman Marcus, and Delta to name a few!). His parting words on a panel wer, “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when all brands will need to evolve onto digital platforms.” I couldn’t agree more.

Written by: Liza Poskin