Today’s technology-driven communications landscape is complex; how do you effectively cut through the noise and convey a clear and concise vision for your company? We can help.

Our team of seasoned marketing and communications professionals are experts in their respective fields. We care deeply about our clients and it shows.

Kaleidoscope Management Group brings a unique and fresh approach to every opportunity. With a proven track record across many industries including healthcare, hospitality, energy, real estate and large nonprofits, we develop innovative marketing strategies to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Our Services

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  • Serve as an account executive for the client to ensure smooth delivery of project goals.

  • Establish key financial targets, milestones and align communications objectives to business objectives.

  • Use real-time data to measure our success and provide research and analytics capabilities to help companies inform, monitor and evaluate marketing campaigns.

  • Develop editorial content for social media and monitor social media channels in real time.

  • Advise and execute on paid marketing strategies to enhance and grow your online digital audience as well as the quality of your followings.

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  • Develop brand identities, logos, websites, etc.

  • Produce multimedia content (Including video, infographics, brochures, e-newsletters, etc.)

  • Provide senior art direction.

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  • Engage social media influencers and the right content strategy for maximum impact and ROI.

  • Plan and coordinate paid media opportunities with strategic development and placement of multimedia advertising buys.